2023/2024 Series: Sustainable Futures for Higher Education examines the many facets of sustainability, as well as its importance and impacts to students and campuses.

2022/2023 Series: The Well Campus: An In-Depth Look offers a thoughtful examination of what it means to have a "well" campus. 

2021/2022 Series: The Vitality and Power of Higher Education examines how higher education is emerging from the COVID-19 pandemic with renewed vitality, a powerful community presence, and a stronger and more personalized student experience for all.

2020/2021 Series: Fostering a Culture of Innovation examines how colleges and universities are rethinking what it means to be innovative and finding creative solutions to new challenges.

2019/2020 Series: The Next Big Thing examines how leading universities deliver creatively individualized student experiences that support the whole student, their journey, and their high expectations.

2018/2019 Series: Ten Challenges Facing Higher Education: Shaping the Student Experience focuses on how colleges and universities are addressing myriad challenges and explores how these factor into the student experience—both now and into the future.

2017/2018 Series: How Disruptive Innovation is Shaping the Next-Gen Campus and Enabling Student Success focused on how institutions are innovating in order to secure the future and ensure positive business outcomes, all while enhancing the student experience on campus. 

2016/2017 Series: Integrated Approaches to Student Living and Campus Housing - Enhancing Quality of Life and Performance explored key trends including the importance of student living, diversity and inclusion on campus, safety & security, student retention and fostering resiliency.