Fostering a Culture of Innovation

President to President is a higher education thought leadership series written by university presidents for university presidents. Each year, the series focuses on a different aspect of the higher education industry. The 2020-2021 edition of President to President, titled “Fostering a Culture of Innovation,” explores how higher education institutions must find new ways of achieving their missions in an era of unprecedented challenges and rapidly evolving demands.

The world is changing. Ideas, expectations, and outcomes once considered irrefutable are now questioned or outright challenged. Recent events have altered nearly every aspect of daily life around the world, and higher education is no exception. As we usher in a new decade and adjust post-pandemic life, higher education must reexamine what it means to be “innovative.” Forging a successful path forward will require new approaches to current issues and the factors shaping the future of higher education. This year’s President to President series, titled “Fostering a Culture of Innovation,” examines how leading colleges and universities are finding truly innovative solutions to myriad new challenges.

Each chapter of President to President is authored by a notable industry thought leader at the forefront of innovative philosophies and practices that give their institution a competitive advantage. Frequently published higher education authors Scott D. Miller, Ph.D., and Marylouise Fennell, Ed.D., serve as executive editors for this series. Each month, one chapter will be distributed and promoted electronically, as well as posted on www.president2president.com. At the end of the series, the foreword and chapters will be published into a thought-provoking collection and made available as a reference resource.